Welcome to Bubble Tables, a vibrant bubble shooter game designed to transform the way students learn, practice, and master their multiplication tables. Combining the thrill of a classic bubble shooting game with the essential skill of learning multiplication, Bubble Tables offers an educational journey filled with fun.

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Watch how to play on YouTube:

The levels are increasingly difficult. For example, in Level 1 of your 7s, you only have a few times tables to learn.

There is a hint button if you get stuck. And the bubbles are colour coded (so the 7 x 4 bubble is the same colour as the 28 bubble, for example).

The levels get increasingly harder. Eventually, the hint button is no longer available and the colour coding is removed. In Level 5, students can challenge themselves to pop as many bubbles as possible in 3 minutes.

Once you have at least 4 stars in each of your times tables, this unlocks the Ultimate level, where you have to remember all of your times tables at once!

Sometimes the correct bubble is not available to shoot. So students need to think laterally to figure out what to do with the extra bubbles: where it might be useful later or where to put it so it doesn’t get in the way.